Commute to Dublin or Waterford with Wexford Bus & Save up to 52%

Employers can purchase monthly, quarterly or annual Tax Saver Tickets for employees commuting to work between Dublin and Wexford (Route 740), Dublin and Wicklow (Route 740A) or between Wexford and Waterford (Route 340). Employers purchase Wexford Bus Tax Saver Tickets on your behalf, the cost of the ticket is then deducted from your gross salary so you don’t pay any tax, PRSI, universal social charge or benefit in kind on this amount.

The savings to you will be up to 52% on the price of the ticket. This tax saving scheme is run in conjunction with the Revenue Commissioners to encourage employees to use public transport. Employees aren’t the only ones to benefit from this scheme, as employers make PRSI savings of up to 10.75% of the total ticket cost.

Why Commute with Wexford Bus?
  • You can make massive savings in comparison to driving – according to AA, the estimated cost of fuel only for driving between Gorey and Dublin is €115.20 per week based on fuel costs of 140 cent per litre. In comparison, an annual Tax Saver Ticket will cost only €29.77 net* per week. (An assumption has been made that this return journey is made 5 days per week and the passenger is on the higher tax rate.)
  • A seat reservation system has been introduced for Tax Saver Tickets so you can ensure you always get a seat!
  • We offer the shortest journey time on the route;
  • Our Annual Tax Saver Ticket is the best value on this route (correct December 2021);
  • We offer free wi-fi so you can get a head start on your day while on the way to work;
  • We issue tax saver tickets at any stage throughout the year.
2021 Tax Saver Ticket Rates to/from Dublin City
Monthly Ticket Quarterly Ticket Annual Ticket Net Annual Ticket Cost*
Wexford €300 €885 €3,330 €1,706
€265 €770 €3,020 €1,548
Jack Whites 
€255 €740 €2,900 €1,486
€230 €680 €2,450 €1,256
2021 Tax Saver Ticket Rates on WX1 & WX2 Wexford Town services

Wexford Bus also offers Tax Saver Tickets on the local Wexford Bus Connect, WX1 and WX2 Wexford Town Services.  Annual tickets cost €720 gross (or €369 net annual ticket cost*).

*Net Annual Ticket Cost is the cost of your ticket after your tax savings. This is calculated using a 40% tax rate, 4% PRSI and 4.75% Universal Social Charge. Savings are dependent on income and the applicable tax and PRSI rates. You are advised to check your potential tax savings with the appropriate person in your organisation.

Tax Saver Ticket – Savings Calculator

PRSI Rate 4%
USC 4.75%

Net Ticket Cost is the cost of your ticket after tax savings (based on figures provided). Please check your potential tax savings with your employer.

tax saver calculator

Employers or employees can download the Tax Saver Ticket Application Form or email [email protected] requesting one. This will need to be completed by the employer and returned to Wexford Bus.  All employees must have a personalised Leap Card so that their Tax Saver Ticket can be uploaded onto their Leap Card on a monthly basis. This can be ordered through

Employers should allow 10 working days for the ticket to be processed.

How to Apply for a Monthly Ticket if I can’t get a Tax Saver Ticket

Monthly tickets with access to the Seat Reservation System are also available to those that cannot avail of the Tax Saver Scheme. for details see monthly tickets


Terms and conditions of the Wexford Bus Tax Saver scheme are outlined in our terms and conditions