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Commute Daily with us

Did you know that Wexford Bus offers special monthly tickets with access to a Seat Reservation System for daily commuters?

Ticket options include

  • Tax Saver Tickets: employers can purchase monthly, quarterly or annual Tax Saver Tickets for employees commuting to work . The cost of the ticket is deducted from the employees gross salary so they don’t pay any tax, PRSI, universal social charge or benefit in kind on this amount and can save up to 52% on the price of the ticket.  For fares and more details see Tax Saver Tickets page
  • Monthly Tickets: Those that can not avail of the Tax Saver Scheme such as students or the self-employed can purchase a Monthly Ticket themselves to commute daily with Wexford Bus.  These ticket must be purchased from the Wexford Bus office a week before the start of the month and are loaded onto Personalised Leap Cards or Student Leap Cards. For fares and more details see Monthly Tickets page

All Daily Commuter Monthly and Tax Saver Ticket Holders are registered for the Wexford Bus Seat Reservation System so they can reserve a seat daily on the bus they intend to travel on.