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Fare Adjustments from 1st of February 2013

Wexford Bus is introducing a range of new fares from February 1st 2013

In order to maintain the level of service and standards provided, a reluctant decision has been taken to increase a number of the fares. This price increase is due to a 37% rise in operating costs in the last 12 months, the major component being fuel.

Wexford Bus will continue to offer excellent value to its customers.  For example:

  • Annual tax saver tickets are available from €26.77 net per week (after tax and USC relief) an increase of only 28 cent per journey (when travelling 5 days per week).
  • A new daily return fare has been introduced which enables passengers to travel to/from Dublin City on the same day at a discounted return fare rate.
  • Fares for many of the weekly tickets will not change.

This is not a decision that we have taken lightly, but all Wexford Bus services must be self financing as no grants or subsidies are received to support the services. Thus, with the steep rise in operational costs these increases are unavoidable.

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